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31 January 2022

By popular demand, I am making available a service in which I will help you get your old Clie hotsyncing on a Windows 10 PC. This is done using a virtual machine running Windows XP. This service is for those who are not very technical and find the available guides and youtube videos to be confusing, frustrating, and out of date. The amount of time it takes to walk someone through this process and to deal with unexpected complications is not trivial so I must charge for this service.

Requirements include:

• Windows 7 or 10 (11 might work, haven't tried yet)
• A decent internet connection able to download a 750mb disc image (+/- 200mb depending on your Clie model) and a 600mb VMWare Player installer. In other words, not dialup. If you have dialup, please contact me for more information.
• The ability to join a free Zoom teleconferencing call via your PC to share your screen. Preferably you should also be able to use a microphone on your PC but we can do a simultaneous phone call instead. This helps get the job done quickly and efficiently. A camera is neither required nor desired.
• A Sony Clie device that can power on.
• A hotsync cable, preferably a USB version.
• The ability to use PayPal. You can send cash or an Amazon gift card if you really cannot use PayPal.
• The ability to meet within my available hours, which are 9am-5pm EST, USA.

The price at the moment is $100, which compensates me for my time. If, for some reason, we are not able to get hotsync running, I'll refund the $100. I accept PayPal or Amazon gift cards, but payment must be made in advance of services rendered.

This is an outline of what we will do to get you hotsyncing:

• You will download a Windows XP virtual image from a link I provide. I can do this for you if you don't understand how to do it.
• You will download VMWare Player from a link I provide. I can do this for you if you don't understand how to do it.
• We will connect on a Zoom call at a link I will provide. I can walk you through this over the telephone if necessary.
• You will share your screen and I'll direct you to do the following:
• Unzip the Windows XP virtual image.
• Install VMWare Player.
• Open the Windows XP virtual image using VMWare Player.
• Run the setup application for your version of Palm Desktop for Clie.
• Begin a hotsync operation and ensure the virtual machine successfully captures the device.
• Successfully hotsync.

You are welcome to take notes all along the way and even record the session if you can figure out how to do so. I provide minimal email support because it's generally an ineffective use of my time, but I can take a look at your issue if you join another Zoom call and share your screen to show me what's going on.

If you're just looking for an original drivers disc, those can be found on this page, free as always.

Any questions or problems, please email me: